Real Testimonials

"I spent my twenties and teen years more or less asleep. I’d sleep 10 hrs, wake up for a few, and pass out for another 4-8, then sleep a full night. I was tested for everything–anemia, vitamin deficiencies, adrenal fatigue, thyroid issues, allergies…my doctors gave up on me. I started self-diagnosing and trying out a barrage of supplements to ‘treat’ myself. Things that gave other people a boost did nothing, or just exhausted me (B12, juicing, lean protein, exercise, low carb, gluten free, omega-3s….you name it, I tried it). One day my mother casually mentioned she’d been looking into liver diseases and had bottles of glutathione and pantethine that hadn’t done anything for her, and did I want it? Sure, why not, I’ll try it out for a month.

I was better in 2 weeks.

I have no official diagnosis of liver problems–it was never suspected or investigated by my doctors. But as long as I pop a glutathione, a ‘Liver Essence’ pill (and sometimes a panthethine) each night, I wake up easily after 7-8 hrs, with no need of coffee or sugar. Once I was truly awake for the first time, I realized I’d been functionally dead for 15 years. I suspect now it’s genetic, as my 13 year old half sister has suddenly started sleeping at all hours of the day, and my father always has.

Everyone has different body chemistry. I don’t pretend glutathione is a panacea that will fix everyone’s fatigue. But if you just read this and thought “okay, I’ll do that tomorrow….but right now, I need to lie down,” if all food and alcohol exhaust you, if you wake up in a zombified mental fog…it’s worth a try. It’s been 7 months now, and I know I’ll never go back. : )"

– Kendall


"I used acetyl glutathione for my mother who has lung issues and it has helped her greatly."

– Emma


"I used Acetyl-Glutathione to help recover from a heart attack. The Doctor I was seeing said he did not know how I recovered so fast. My SED rate fell like a stone!
Thank You Dr. Keller"

– Gene


"I have found that acetyl-glutathione in the presence of nitric oxide-potent foods such as spinach and arugula boosts my nitric oxide levels, which in turn lowers my blood pressure. I monitor my nitric oxide status through a saliva test provided by Berkeley Test. It is a great trio: leafy greens with acetyl-glutathione and monitor with Berkeley Test Nitric Oxide Test strips."

– Shaw


"My father had hurt his back at work, something to do with his lumbar disc. He was a delivery man for years. In addition to his back pain he suffered from chronic asthma. His visit with multiple doctors did nothing for his recovery. After a few suggestions he visited a more natural doctor office and was told to start Acetyl-Glutathione, and the doctor (I forgot who!) had my dad make sure to purchace only the Maplewood brand for it’s reputation. Sure enough within weeks my dad felt great, had more energy, stopped his daily asthma treatments and oddly enough his hair loss had stopped, and even looked fuller! We were shocked and amazed. To this day he continues treatment and has never felt better. Thank you for giving my dad his life back!"

– Aubrey M.


"I used Acetyl Glutathione for one month to detox before starting a far-infrared sauna regimen. The combination of the two therapies got my cholesterol and blood pressure back to normal within 6 weeks. I would recommend it to anyone who suffers from chemical toxicity."

– Kathy


"For the past few years I have been waking up at 3-4 a.m. and have been unable to get back to sleep. I have tried many different things to help, such as magnesium, melatonin, and skullcap, all which will work for a short time but never long term. From the first day of taking the Acetyl-glutathione, I have slept the entire night and wake refreshed. It is truly a remarkable product."

– Sandra


"As a physician I became aware a few years ago that I would develop an episode of cardiac arrhythmia an hour or two after drinking a glass or two of wine. EKG confirmed as I suspected that the problem was intermittent atrial fibrillation. I reluctantly gave up wine (and other alcohol) but still with stress experienced a.fib. Fortunately, I was introduced by a doc friend of mine to acetyl glutathione. Three or four acetyl glutathione capsules per day has freed me of the discomfort and dangers of a.fib. I now recommend this product to my patients with complete confidence in its value and safety."

– Ken Petri, M.D. – Medical Director of Women’s Surgery Services/Porter Adventist Hospital – Denver, CO 80210